So You're Having a Baby. We Are Here For You!

We at Somers Manor OB/GYN, an Axia Women's Health Care Center hold a deep reverence for life and family. Our dedicated staff of physicians, midwives and personnel is committed to making your childbirth experience as comfortable and joyous as possible.

Before, during, and after birth, our providers offer optimal care with respect, compassion and responsiveness.

Routine Obstetrical Services

  • Preconception Counseling: This is an evaluation of a patient prior to pregnancy. This looks at health factors and medical conditions that can affect a fetus. This includes a detailed personal and family history with physical exam. Taking folic acid prior to conceiving is encouraged as this has been shown to reduce the risk of spinal cord defects.
  • Prenatal Care: These time interval visits provide optimal care for you and your infant. Best pregnancy outcomes are typical for patients who adhere to scheduled prenatal visits and testing. We request that you have at least one appointment with each of our delivery providers. This offers you an opportunity to meet all of our staff prior to delivery, which enables you to develop a rapport with our providers prior to delivery.
  • Ultrasound Testing (in office). These fetal well being tests are offered in office for those patients at increased risk.
  • Non Stress Test and Antenatal Testing (in office).
  • Perinatal Consultation when indicated. Referrals are recommended for high risk patients to these specialists, who help manage medical complications in pregnancy.
  • Childbirth Classes: Offered by Michelle Dooley 609-827-2127 in our office or Shore Medical Center 609-653-3238.
  • Delivery: The provider on call will meet you on the Labor and Delivery Unit. Our provider on call will ensure that you receive the attention you deserve during childbirth. We are confident your birth experience will be personal and memorable.

Distinctive Services

  • Pregnancy Ultrasounds: These ultrasounds are indicated for dating the pregnancy, checking the baby's anatomy and growth pattern. Our office is accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine to perform obstetrical ultrasounds.
  • Provider Call: One of our providers is on call around the clock to meet your needs. We do not sign out to other services.
  • Sequential Screen Testing (in office): This test is performed early in pregnancy to screen the baby for Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, and Edwards Syndrome.
  • Cord Blood Banking: This service allows parents to save the stem cells found in the blood of their newborn's umbilical cord.

Medication During Pregnancy

Some drugs should no be taken during pregnancy. Since any drug is potentially unsafe, always let your healthcare provider know about any medications that you are taking.

During the first sixteen weeks of pregnancy, you should try to avoid any medication unless it is prescribed or approved by a doctor who knows you are pregnant. The following list of medications contains those products you may use after sixteen weeks without consulting your healthcare team first. Many of the medications below are considered safe before sixteen weeks; however please check with practioner before initiating therapy. If you have any questions regarding these recommendations please call our office.

Nausea Snack on crackers throughout the day, Vitamin B6(50-100mg once daily). Ginger candy, peppermint, Bio-Bands, Emetrol liquid, minimal sugar. Persistent vomiting, weight loss or decrease in urine output, call doctor.
Headaches, aches or pains Acetaminophen (Tylenol) regular or extra strength, Datril, No aspirin products or Ibuprofen Call if headache lasts more than 24 hours of if pain is severe.
Fever Acetaminophen (Tylenol) regular or extra strength. Call provider if fever is > 100 degrees without relief with medication.
Allergies/cold symptoms, nasal congestion/sinus symptoms Increase fluids and rest, Benadryl, Tylenol Cold, Sudafed, Tylenol Sinus, Chlor-Trimeton, Ocean Nasal Spray, Neti Pot, warm mist humidifier. Call if symptoms continues after 2-3 days or symptoms get worse.
Cough Plain Robitussin (No Alcohol) Call Provider if Persistent Cough or Cough with fever.
Sore Throat Sucret, Halls or Cepacol lozenges, salt water to gargle (No Cold Eezz). Persistent sore throat (or severe pain)
Diarrhea Clear liquids 1st 24 hours (try 1Tbsp of water every 10 minutes for 1 hour- if tolerated try crackers, dry toast, etc, but separate liquids and solids for 2 hours) the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast), no dairy products, sips of Gatorade or Pedialyte, Kaopectate or Imodium as directed. Call provider if diarrhea persists for more than 2 days and is accompanied by fever or if diarrhea is severe or shows blood.
Constipation Increase liquids in diet, increase fiber(bran,wheat bread, green leafy vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, prunes/prune juice diluted). Then try Metamucil, Colace, Fibercon, Citracel, Milk of Magnesia and Ducolax. Also exercise (like walking). Avoid severe straining. Call provider if no relief after trying remedies.
Hemorrhoids Warm sitz baths 3 times daily, Tucks/witch hazel pads, Anusol, Preparation-H, Hydrocortisone Cream, Nupercaine. Call provider if bleeding or severe pain.
Mild Rashes/Skin Allergies Baking Soda or Aveeno lotion baths, Calamine lotion, corn starch Call if no relief after three days or if you have a rash with a fever.
Heartburn/Indigestion Try smaller more frequent meals; stay upright for two hours after eating, Tums, Maalox, Mylanta, Zantac-75, Pepcid AC, Gaviscon, Riopan, Decrease caffeine and chocolate. Call provider if no relief.
Yeast Infection Three day Monistat vaginal cream, baking soda baths. Call provider if no relief

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